‘I’ve got 13 siblings and tell people not to have that many kids – it was tough’

Love them or hate them, your siblings are some of the most important family members you have.

With shared childhood experiences and constant support, it can be a great thing to be surrounded by a horde of siblings.

According to one social media user, there is such a thing as too many with Pearpear taking to TikTok to share horror stories about what it is like to have 13 biological siblings.

Pearpear has four brothers, one non-binary sibling and eight sisters.

Raised in an Irish Catholic home, she lived with her 13 siblings on a soybean farm in the US state of Ohio.

Their mother was left widowed when their father passed away and the woman told followers that their mother being left single meant the older siblings in the family had to take on a lot of additional responsibilities.

She said: “Please don’t have 14 kids, I grew up with 13 biological siblings and this is why you should not have this many kids.

“Do not get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of my siblings, however, growing up with that many siblings also has its negative implications.”

Touching on the difficulties that come with growing up in a large family, the woman reflected on a series of relatable issues that come with having several siblings including feeling left out and neglected.

She said: “No matter how hard you try, there is absolutely no way that each and every one of those kids is going to have an equal amount of attention from the parent.

“When I was a teenager I started acting out in negative ways because I wanted that attention that I was being starved from which continued on into my young adult life.

“The older siblings become the parents of the younger siblings. With that many kids, it is almost impossible to get through everyday tasks with two parents and I only had one.

“I can genuinely say as teenagers my older sisters raised me. They were the ones making my school lunches, making sure that I brushed my teeth, getting me to and from school. Kids shouldn’t be forced to grow up like that just because you want to have that many kids.”

Her series of videos have more than two million views on TikTok and viewers have been left polarised by her thoughts.

One user agreed with the opinions in the video and commented: “I think it’s selfish to have that many kinds because the older ones will be forced to be parents. If you can’t raise them yourself, don’t have them.”

Another user took offence to the criticisms in the video and said: “Let people do what they want with their families.”